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Getting Started​​ with Your Website

P​lease complete our Website Application regarding the creation of your ​department and/or chapter website. This application must be completed by the Department/Chapter Commander or Adjutant. Also, the designated Webmaster must be a DAV member.  To update your Webmaster designation please click here to complete the Webmaster Application.  Completion of the Website Application form below will assist us in building a website that will meet your needs.  Note that there are 2 website color themes available for you t​o choose. Please view each of these color themes ​prior to completing the website application. In the form, you will be asked to indicate your preference for your site.


After your chapter/department application has been submitted, the Webmaster will be contacted via email (within 2-3 business days) with a user name and password as well as additional set-up instructions.​​

Other Resources​​

Contact Us​​

For questions about maintaining your web page you may call the Membership Department at: 1-888-236-8313 or email: ​​

For all other DAV Headquarters questions click here​.​

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